Lightburn and DXF Laser Cutting Files

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 Lightburn and DXF Laser Cutting Files

Available for all the kits on the site. Prices vary depending on the number of files in the model. For prices and to request the individual Zipped laser file


Plan parts layout in Lightburn and DXF

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Available Plans  as of 02/04/22
1/6 Scale Aeronca C-3
"1-4 Aerostar 602"
"1-4 Aerostar 602"
"1-4 Fokker DV-II"
"1-6 Aeronca C-3"
"4-40 Bipe"
"30% tiger moth"
"1953 A-2 Aurekil"
"A-26 Invader"
"Ace 4-120"
"Ace Straight"
"Ace Tapered"
"Aircraft images"
"AR-1 Slope"
"B-36 Carsten"
"Baby Bombshell"
"Bell X-5"
"Big Ben face"
"Big Bingo"
"Bird house kit"
"Bird of Time"
"Boeing 727 AMA"
"Bristol Brownie"
"Brooklyn Dodger"
"Bud Nosen Mulligan"
"Buzzard Bombshell"
"Cessna L-19"
"Comet Aeronca K floatplane"
"Comet Bluebird"
"Comet Clipper 120in"
"Comet Clipper-Kit"
"Comet Dauntless"
"Comet Ercoupe"
"Comet Jenny"
"Comet P-38"
"Comet Sailplane"
"Comet Starfire"
"Convair Samaritan"
"Cougar Palmer"
"Crusader II"
"Curtiss Wright Junior-Aero"
"Cutting Boards"
"Da Sauce"
"DC-3 1-16"
"DC-3 Ribs"
"Dewointine D.7"
"DH-2 Airco"
"dornier cloverleaf"
"Dornier D0-23"
"Dornier Do-28 Skyservant"
"Double Jabberwok"
"Duelist Mk 2"
"Durex V"
"Eagle 63"
"Elder 40 Fuse"
"Electraglide III"
"Electric hots"
"Electric Stik 52in"
"F9F Panther"
"Falcon Keilkraft"
"FJ-1 Fury-Harel"
"Flea Fli"
"Ford Flivver"
"Frog Diana"
"Gee Be E"
"Gee Bee Zeta"
"Gentle Lady Goldberg"
"Gizmo DLD"
"Goshhawk upper wing"
"Grumman Bearcat"
"Grumman Duck"
"Guppy Sailplane Mk 1"
"Heath Baby Bullet"
"Heath Super Parasol"
"Heinkel He-51"
"Heinkel He-51 RCM"
"Hellcat RCFW"
"Ink Paper"
"Jetmach 44"
"Jetmach 60"
"Jr's Pride"
"Ju-88 2012"
"Jungmeister Platt"
"Justin Harley"
"Keilkraft Invader"
"Kingfisher Anderson"
"Kloud King"
"Korda 1939"
"Lanzo Record Breaker"
"Laser 200"
"Laser Focus"
"Lazy Ace 76in"
"Le French Poudle"
"Leapin Lena"
"Little Plank"
"Mini Kaos"
"Miss america 1-2A"
"Miss America 100 pct"
"Northrup B-2"
"Old Timer"
"P-38 RCM"
"Pacific Ace RCM"
"PBM Mariner"
"PBY Catalina RCM"
"PD Parasol"
"Playboy Sr"
"Polikarpov Po-2"
"Pou de Ciel"
"PT-19 Electric"
"Quickie 55"
"Record Hound"
"Republic Seebee"
"Ridge Runt"
"Robinhood 10"
"ron Su-17"
"Royal Coachman"
"Rumpler Taube-RCM"
"Sagitta 600"
"Scooter Mk IV"
"Servo wing mount"
"SHX fonts"
"Simple Citabria"
"Simple Duster"
"Small wonder"
"Smog Hog"
"Snow White"
"Spitfire IX"
"Spook 96"
"Sport Flyer 40"
"Sr Falcon"
"Standard Plank"
"Steven Aileron"
"Stickit IV"
"Stinson SRe 1-5"
"Stits Skybaby RCM"
"Super Chipmunk Smith Fuselage"
"Super Hots"
"Super Kaos Jr"
"Super Kaos RCM"
"Super Slicker"
"Super sport 120"
"T-28 Platt"
"Terrier RCM"
"Terrier RCM Electric"
"Texas roadhouse"
"Thunder Panzer"
"Thunderstreak 1-5"
"Tiger 2"
"Tiger 60"
"Turbinator 44"
"Turbinator-E 90mm"
"Ugly Stik"
"Ultimate Kaos ribs"
"Veron classic"
"Vought Kingfisher"
"Westland Lysander"
"Westland Widgeon"
"woody Pusher"
"XB-70 jim parts"
"Zero fuse tail"
"Ziroli F-4"
"Ziroli Fokker D-VII weiss"
"Ziroli p-40D"
"Ziroli P-47"
"Ziroli P-51"
"Ziroli P-51B"

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