Laser Cutting 
The Plan
If the plan is on paper it, has to be converted to a scanned PDF or TIFF image
at 300 dpi
Once converted, it can be , sized to the correct dimension, enlarged, reduced, aligned, cleaned, ect,  in CAD as required.
If you create your own plan in CAD
The file needs to be in DXF format, dimensioned in inches.
A dimensioned square needs to be on the plan to verify the plan dimensions
The conversion to Laser cut parts.
Each part that has a shape and is required for constructing the model, has to be drawn in CAD (vector format)
The plan is then reviewed for any missing parts that are not shown on the plans (happens often)
Once drawn, the parts are then arranged on the appropriate size sheets and material that the laser cutter requires.
Note: that if the plan has to be enlarged, or reduced, the spar and longeron notch's will have to be resized to a standard wood size.
The wood size for the same strength, is the square root of the scale change

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